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Crochet Hooks
Categories > Crochet Hooks


Addi Click - Each hook is 6.5" long, and can be used as a fixed hook or can be attached to the Click cords).
Boye metal crochet hooks
Clover Crochet Hooks
Clover - Offers a great selection of Crochet Hooks from "Takumi" Bamboo Crochet Hooks made with the highest quality Japanese Bamboo to their ergonomic Soft Touch Aluminum hooks and now Crochet Lites - new lighted crochet hooks!
Denise Interchangeable Crochet Hook
Denise Interchangeable Crochet Hook - Afghan/Tunisian hooks from 8-37" can be made using different combinations of cords in the kit. 30", 40", and 52" cords are available separately to expand the possibilities even farther.
Lantern Moon Crochet Hooks
Beautifully crafted in regional Rosewood, Ebony hardwood, the carving, sanding and finishing of these hooks are done largely by hand. This ensures that they hook, release, slide and glide as the best hooks in their class.
Susan Bates Crochet Hooks
The Susan Bates Co. makes many great products for Knitting & Crocheting. Some of their most popular are QUICKSILVER Aluminum Crochet Hooks and CRYSTALITES Translucent Plastic Crochet Hooks!