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Bag Handles & Hardware
Felting Supplies
Gloves In A Bottle
Immel Designs
Knit Out Box
Lantern Moon
Needle Cases
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Susan Bates
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Gloves In A Bottle is a shielding lotion that rapidly absorbs into, and bonds with, the outer layer of skin creating a protective layer while retaining the natural moisture from within. This makes it the perfect dry skin care product.
We have beautiful yet functional bags and totes for your yarn projects. Choose from Classic Folding Caddies to store your current knitting & crochet projects to lightweight Silk Tafetta bags great for on the run and the perfect gift bag.
Accessory Sets offer a convenient way to collect and store your basic knitting accessories. They are a perfect starter kit for new knitters. Great Gift Idea!
These Ball Winders and Yarn Swifts are the perfect tools for turning your traditional skeins into neat stackable pull skeins.
Infinite Yarns offers a large selection of Notions to accompany our yarns and to aid you in accessorizing and embellishing your projects. From Knitting Marking Pins and Button Makers to Haipin Lace Tools and Wonder Kniiters you'll find what you need to help you "Create Your Style!"
Needle Cases are the perfect accessory to store and organize knitting needles and crochet hooks. The make wonderful gifts for your favorite yarn crafter or better yet treat yourself to one!
Every knitter knows that putting your work down is risky business! How many times have your stitches fallen off your needles? Point proctectors stop your knitted stiches from sliding off your needles when you put your knitting down and point protectors shield your fine needle tips from scratches and accidental breakage as well.
Stitch Counters are useful tools to keep track of knitted or crocheted stitches and rows. They come in a variety of types, shapes and sizes. At Infinite Yarns we stock a variety to choose from.
Stitch Holders are essential knitting tools used to hold stitches when knitting cable stitches or when working different sections of knitted projects. They come in different styles and sizes to suit your projects needs. Infinite Yarns has a good selection to choose from.
Stitch Markers are useful and practical tools for knitters an crocheters alike. They are used to mark rows or stitch counts while working on your projects. The best part about Stitch Markers is that they save lots of boring and time consuming counting. Although they are practical tools Stitch Markers can also make great fashion statements. They come in countless and beautiful varieties. There's even "Stitch Marker Jewelry" out there!
Every knitter and crocheter needs at least one Tape Measure. Infinite Yarns has a few to choose from. Practical or whimsical its your choice!
Yarn Needles are the yarn crafter's vital finishing tool. They are used to sew seams, weave in those loose ends and decorate projects with embroidery and decorative stitches.