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Stitch Counters
Categories > Accessories > Stitch Counters
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Clover Knitting Counter Kacha-Kacha
CLOVER Knitting Counter Kacha-KachaCLOVER Knitting Counter Kacha-Kacha
Clover Knitting Counter - Kacha-Kacha is a great tool for counting stitches and rows by pushing the counter button.
Clover Knitting Counter Mini Kacha
CLOVER Knitting  Counter Mini KachaCLOVER Knitting Counter Mini Kacha
Clover Knitting Counter Mini Kacha. The Mini Kacha keeps track of the number of rows or stitches knitted with just a click.
Clover Knitting Register
CLOVER Knitting Register - Stitch CountersCLOVER Knitting Register - Stitch Counters
Clover Knitting Register is a convenient register that sildes onto your knitting needle to help keep tally of your knitted rows or stitches.
Susan Bates Knit Check Gauge
SUSAN BATES Knit Check GaugeSUSAN BATES Knit Check Gauge
Susan Bates Knit Check - Accurate aluminum gauge for checking stitch gauge. Also checks needle and hook sizes.
Susan Bates Knit Count Universal
Susan Bates Knit Count UniversalSusan Bates Knit Count Universal
Counting pattern rows and keeping track of pattern repeats is a breeze with these handy Counting Aids!

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